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Illustrator output to PDF for engraving...

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This may be outside the scope of the site so if so sorry... I know we deal almost exclusively with images but in the past on facebook i think sometimes folks were able to answer illustrator questions

I created a logo in Illustrator CS5 to be used as an engraving. The only guidelines I was given was the dimensions 1.5" x .5" and either PDF or JPG

I designed the file on an artboard to fit snug in 1.5 x .5. I saved as PDF with default settings, then found out they werent opening in a Adobe program so have to save with editing capabilities turned off (they were seeing hidden layers)

After they engraved it and it is a fraction of the size I designed it as they said when they tried to enlarge it the image was blurry. I am trying to figure out where I went wrong since I save it at the right size to begin with and I maybe incorrectly assumed that the output was a scale-able vector file..

again apologies if this is too far outside scope

cannot attach the pdf...


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Great thanks Damien! I was hoping I wasnt messing up big time. The thing is already engraved and Im screwed on the return policy but I still want to understand what went wrong.

I think I have to find out what they are opening and viewing the file in


again thanks appreciate your time and knowledge!

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