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spyderpro5 damien's tutorial

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Many thanks for your tutorial on spyder5 pro because the official documentation is poor, inaccurate and sometimes contradictory. I would still have doubts about things I did not understand. You do not use the ambient light measurement and you have calibrated it in a completely dark ambient. But if later edited with ambient light, the brightness values set in the dark do not change?
I'll explain it better: Let's imagine that the calibration gives you a white  90 that in the dark is fine, it will not do better for a brighter environment where you will need a greater brightness. Am I wrong?

in short words: if I edit sometimes in the dark and sometimes with light do not I have to change the brightness with osd of monitor ?

sorry for my translation en english and still thanks


Piero from Milan - Italy

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Hi Piero,

You only calibrate in the dark.  Immediately after calibration, you turn the lights back up (good light) to check the calibration by comparing your screen to pro lab prints.

If you find the screen's brightness isn't correct (either too dark or too bright), you turn the lights off to calibrate again to a different value.  Then turn the lights on to check again.  Etc.

YOU MUST NEVER EDIT IN THE DARK.  This is so important.

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