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Minimising reflective clothing.

Rob G

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I shoot indoor sport (roller derby), and deliver a fair number of files for every bout. As a result, I don't want to spend an age editing each and every one; I try to get it as right as I can in-camera, then PP in Bridge/ACR to correct exposure, contrast etc. No real problems there. The issue comes when the attending ambulance personnel are in the frame, and the flash bounces off those reflective strips on their clothing- it make a big bright mess of things.

The ideal solution would be something that allows me to stay in ACR for simplicity. The glow can stay there, but a reduction would be very good. These aren't fine art, they're sport photos that I need to get up PDQ and I'd like a quick way to fix those that need it. If I need to drop into PS, so be it. Note that mostly the ambos are out of focus in the background, not primary subjects, so dodgy work is OK. :)

Here's a SOOR crop to illustrate the issue.




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Thanks Damien. Much appreciated. I'll make a note of it and adjust as required for others. (Shame I have to go to Ps, but oh well.)

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