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How do I take the side of an image to the other side?

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Hi Damien, it actually has nothing to do with either girl. What I don't like about either image is the subject is cut off. What I was trying to ask is how I can add more of the image to the left side of the first image. I gave the second image so that perhaps you could pull from that same side and add it to the first image. Does that make sense? Sorry, perhaps I didn't explain it well and perhaps I'm still not haha. Let me know if you know what I mean.

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Damn you are good. I Just bought a macbook air so I was uploading from there in bed and the settings weren't changed yet. Thank you for the reminder, all done now. I am having a hard time lining these images up so that when I mask, I am not masking off the other stuff. I am going to keep trying now.

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