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Oh great Damien,

This seems the best place to ask...

The local newspaper uses my "about town" photographs on a semi-regular basis.

They say they need to lighten them, then saturate them more due to how the ink and paper interact.


every press is different.

Our printing company tends to print dark, so I always brighten a couple of notches from what I see on screen.

Also I always have to adjust for shade (too blue), bright sun (too yellow) and indoors (too red or green, depending on the light source)

Newsprint is very absorbent, so ink tends to fill in. And, our paper is not white...


Being an old newspaper guy, could you provide any insights to the process? Are there any steps I can take to help them out (and keep some of the 'vision' of my photos)?






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There are a few aspects here, and none are good.

Have you ever enquired how they calibrate their screens?

Am I to assume from the wording of their correspondence that they don't run their own presses? They outsource the printing to another company?

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Re: screen calibration

Will be doing presently, it's long past working hours here in California...

Don't run their own presses?

Correct. They apparently outsource.

This is the first time I've poked into that part of their business and process. That said, their checks have always cleared...

Thanks for your attention,


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