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Should I change these settings?

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I recently had a print order come back crappy. The printer gave me their monitor calibration settings and recommendations, but I've had trouble with the results from this printer before and believe the issue is on their end. Since I believe my settings are working fine, I don't want to change them, but I'm not sure what the best settings are either. I calibrate with a Spyder and have had no other issues with prints. Many of the images printed were edited prior to other successful print orders. This all leads me to believe it's a problem on the printer's end. But, do I have my settings wrong? Thank you for your help. (Please see the attached file.)

Capture - PS settings.JPG

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Your settings are perfect.  You're right not to change them.

As long as your calibrated screen still matches previous prints you've had, then yes, I agree that this is a problem with the latest print batch.

Can you describe how the latest prints differ from your screen?

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Great news! I'm so glad! Thank you so much! The prints were too dark and some of them looked really flat. Luckily, the flat looking ones I've printed before, so I definitely know that the file is fine.

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