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Photoshop CC export images for Web for photobook

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HI Damien and Team, I am creating a photobook to be printed through the online templates in Snapfish. The project is submitted through templates online. Question:  to achieve the best image results when the book is printed, should I export all images 'for web' in Photoshop CC (all done in Raw originally), as all images are uploaded online?

Your advice appreciated as always, Rochelle

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Hi Rochelle,

No, even though the web is the interface for this particular procedure, the files aren't "for web", as such. They're for print.

So you would save them as high quality jpegs (suggest level 10) using "Save As" in the usual way.  Or Image Processor.

I urge you not to wait any longer to take the Sharpening Class.  You'll cry real tears when you see how much better your printed stuff could have been.

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Thanks a million, I thought that may be the case. and what a great idea, i will sign up for the sharpening class right away, so then there will be no tears! Love your work by the way! R

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