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Prints are MUCH cooler than screen

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Hey D,

   I have calibrated my PC screen several times and in my onion the screen is generally always too bright, and warm. Prints were never too off so I left it. I just received a few prints from WHCC and its also as though they were printed at a poor quality lab. Not the case to its on my end. Should I just manually adjust temp and brightness/contrast to match?


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Let's not do anything crazy just because of one recent print batch.  Do you have any of the older prints still around?  If they still compare to the screen the way they always did, we can assume this was just a bad print batch, and you can legitimately demand a reprint.

However, if the screen is now wildly different from the older prints as well, it's a different matter.

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oh, my! How did I ever miss the "Choose best color setting" bit?? I feel like that in it self helped majorly! I will double check in am when I'm not reliant on my lamp to look over my prints.

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