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False Eyelashes Separating and Flipping


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I am at a loss on how to fix this. The model was struggling with her false eyelashes for the entire shoot. I did not realize they were coming up when I was shooting. One side is separating from her lash line and the other completely came up and flipped.

Please help if possible, thank you.


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It's not easy, that's for sure.  I'll show you the file, then try to explain the steps ...

Download the PSD

The strategy is to fix the easier (camera right) eye first, then copy that over to the other one.

So first, I duplicated the Background layer and liquified the wayward lash down.  Then added a mask to that layer to meld it in as best as possible.

Then added the two layers of the Handyman Method, and very patiently worked to put the natural eye crease back in, and generally make everything look plausible.  This took ages, don't rush it.

Once I was completely happy with that eye, I added a new combined layer above all the other layers, by hitting Ctrl Alt Shift E.  Then I flipped that layer horizontally, and converted it to a Smart Object.  Then rotated and moved it until it roughly lined up where I wanted it.  Then added a mask, and masked it in.

That copied section was a bit too dark, so I clipped the Levels layer to modify it a bit.

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How does this look Damien?

I followed some of your steps and tried a few different things as well.

1st I took a larger brush and liquified the eyelash line on the eye on the right down. I had my finger on the screen to see how far it needed to go to match. After, I masked the original eye back up to meet the new line.  I hardly moved the natural eye crease, so I didn't put it back.

2nd I selected the eye on the right, flipped it horizontally, and used the lashes from it to mask in where the other eye's lashes had flipped.

Edited Crop.jpg

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Ok, as long as you're sure.  PLEASE don't wait too long to take the Raw Class.

Likewise, I would say "as long as you're sure" about the upper eyelid creases which you removed in your edit.  Personally, I fear she looks weird and a bit alien now, but she's your model.

I would say, however, that it's important to undo the liquifying of her left (our right) eyebrow, which is a little too fat now.

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