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Can this ever look real?


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Thanks Damien for the quick reply!

Okay so I have this image that if I can save it I would really love to but I can't get baby to look real - I have uploaded a photo without the headband as I want that photo now so will need to try and re-edit the one I am currently doing!!
Maybe it's just not doable?

These are the two photos I have to work with and how far I have gotten with it.
I am so expecting to be shouted at for all I am/have done wrong but willing to put my big girls pants so that I can possibly get help.

Thank you in advance for any help offered :-)

Kelly Xx


Damien 2.jpg

Damien 3.jpg

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I didn't have room for my light and I NEVER use Natural light, Like a wally I did this at different times and the sun had moved!
I used the bit of fluff from another photo to try and stop the arms looking too straight, Thanks for the reply! xxx


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Okay cool,

I am just going to quickly re-edit the image with the baby I actually want in the image and will brighten her up and post the image to see your thoughts if okay?? Xx


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This is where I am at now,  I have warmed the head and lightened baby, Any good?
Sorry to take up your time with this, Sure you have a million other things to do!!

Thank you Xx


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Oh fantastic.

I thought I couldn't for some reason, I will of course calibrate asap but would love to do your classes!

I will go and look up the info now :-)

Thanks again for all your time x

P.s my husband said he misses your Facebook page, He used to like seeing your replies haha!

He was the wally who used to put vanillia ice references to collaborate instead of calibrate LOL 

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