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Client Requester "Higher Res Files"

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Hi Damien! I have my first client asking me for this. I searched to see how you usually tell people to respond, but came up blank. Here's the request:

"I did want to ask, do you have higher res versions of the photos?  anything in the 300px/inch range?  is it possible to buy individual pictures in higher resolution?"

 I give them high resolution images cropped to an 11:15 ration and I leave the resolution blank. I open one of the images randomly and it shows it is 2478px x3379px with a resolution of 225.267px/inch.

I know I would use this file to print but I think he is hung up on the 300. Do I need to educated him (if so, how) or do I need to adjust the files so they save at 300? and if so, how do I do that without messing up my files?
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I wasn't surprised to see you say "he".  This problem seems to arise from men much more often than women - I assume it's something to do with small penis size.

Of course you're right, the resolution number is completely irrelevant.  But educating idiots about this is really difficult.  This is the best I have, and I realise it's feeble, and not targeted for this case.

In short, what he needs to understand is that you can change the files to 300ppi for him if he insists on it, but the files he receives will be EXACTLY the same number of pixels, and therefore will be printable to EXACTLY the same size; and you will charge him a fee for making this pointless change.

Or, you can just change them.  It's simply a matter of opening the Image Size dialog, making sure the "Resample Image" box isn't checked, and changing the resolution to 300ppi.  You can save this little process as an action, and run it through Image Processor.

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