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So, just got a new iMac yesterday. Super excited as mine was just about 10 years old.
I'm editing a session and my soft brush has this terrible banding when I go to paint any colors or even use it in an adjustment layer. This is my first time using CC and also a new iMac. Everything I'm trying to find about how to fix it online says that it just looks like I'm screwed or add noise. I don't want to add noise to my images (I'm a newborn photographer, I don't like noise) and don't feel like I should have to. I can't find any answers on how to fix this brush banding issue. This is not okay and I'm not seeing how to fix it. Super sad here. :(
Has anyone else had this issue? Please help!

Banding example.jpeg

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Hmm, I still see the banding on my cell phone in that pic. My screen isn't calibrated yet. But it's on the way! Just ordered it a couple days ago. I think I may have figured out an okay answer. I went into the brush presets and added noise and smoothing to just the soft brush. I also changed acr to edit in 16bit. I was editing in 8, which is what I've always edited in. The 16bit seemed to tone it down a bit. Thank you for taking a look though! :)

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