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Hair straightened


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Well, you could try a bit of very gentle and very patient Liquifying.  But the trouble is, Liquifying softens fine detail a bit.  If you'd shot this in such a way (eg very shallow DOF) that the hair was slightly out of focus, I'd have a lot more faith in the Liquify approach.  But I reckon you've nailed that hair in pretty good focus, yes?  In that case, Liquify presents a big risk of blurring it noticeably.

To be honest, I'd clean up the flyaways nicely, and tell that that's all you can do.

Let's face it, this is a stupid request.  You can't be expected to accommodate every stupid request that comes along.

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Thank you! 

They paid me a lot of money, so I want to try to accommodate them, but if Damien feels it's stupid, so be it! 

Perhaps I can find some other photo where her hair is straighter, and clone?

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Just now, Damien Symonds said:

Don't just give them that bad news cold.  As I said, accompany it with a version of the photo with the flyaways fixed.  That will appease them a bit.

Good idea!

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