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Clone sun flare

Tina B.

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Ok, this is what you're heading towards:


First I did the eye.  What I didn't expect was that I had to use two copies of it - one to replace the lower edge of the iris, and another to replace the pupil.  You might decide that one or both of those steps aren't necessary; I personally didn't like how the catchlight cut through the pupil, you know?

Then this Levels layer for the main flare across the chest and wrist:

  • R 40/1.00/255
  • G 70/1.00/255
  • B 70/1.00/255

Mask it on as carefully as possible, but there will still be an arc at the edge, that will have to be cloned later:


Then this Levels layer for the bit of flare on the throat:

  • R 30/1.00/255
  • G 45/1.00/255
  • B 45/1.00/255

Again, mask on carefully, but again, there will be an edge:


Then add a blank layer above all that, and gently clone those edges.

By the end of the process, my Layers panel looked like this:


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Did you use the elliptical marquee tool for the eye??  This is one challenging bugger for me.  Have re done it numerous times and it looks bad.  I wish you had a video.  I struggle with instructions without visuals.

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it's not going well.  I'm too frustrated and tired...I'll try again another night.  The article helps, thank you, but it's really hard to read and not actually see it executed.  I'll have to refer back to my notes from masks and try again.

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It helps to see what the panel should look like and what each step looks like, thank you for this.  I really do appreciate this.  I'm going to just have to be honest and say that what it tripping me up is that I'm opening my image in Ps and not really knowing what to click on first.  I have used the marquee tool SO many times on this image and got it wrong and then just stumped when I copy the eye to paste it in the other eye but the eye disappears or it ends up on her nose, or cheek and then another layer magically gets created and I delete everything and start over.  I'm a perfectionist so this is really hard that I cannot seem to get it right.  No fault of yours, I just have no knowledge base of Ps and this is just very... frustrating for me. I'll keep trying, though, it's just going to take a while.

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Ok, well, thank you for offering this help.  I REALLY appreciate it.  So, I open my image in Ps and I'm staring at it and the panel and I don't know what to do first. Do I  immediately create a new layer?  Or go straight to the marquee tool?  I've done it both ways too many times to count...I surely do know  how to delete, though.  I've mastered at deleting. :/

Let's start with what to do first...do I make a new layer first, or go straight to the marquee tool?  I feel like I should know this...it's both embarrassing and frustrating.

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"Free transform" or "Transform selection" to make the marching ant box smaller?  ( I had to google how to make the box smaller...I just don't know which one to choose).

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