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Batch Straighten in Bridge?

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I love the straighten tool in ACR. I would love to be able to batch straighten. I have followed the videos on how to batch edit, but when I try those methods and only straighten the photo (then select multiple photos and try "previous conversion" for example) it will not work. Any thoughts?


I use Adobe CC, a laptop less than 2 years old.



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No I didn't use a tripod.

I am finding I am a bit of a crooked shooter, and I need to straighten most of my photos.  For this particular shoot, I had a building in the background, so it was pretty obvious that it is crooked. If I just double click the straighten tool, it does a pretty good job most of the time straightening it for me. I haven't figured out a way to not have to go into each photo to do this. Is there a way to do it to all of them at once?



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The reason why Damien asked if this was for a set of photos taken on a tripod is that unless they were all crooked in exactly the same way, batch straightening won't work.  You can't batch straighten for an object in a photo -- you can only batch straighten at a specific angle that you'd carry across the whole set.  It would be extraordinarily coincidental if your natural crookedness is at the exact same angle every single time, I'm afraid...

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