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Low file sizes and resolution

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I am having a terrible time keeping a good resolution and size on my backlight images. I shoot backlighting often. And I am always struggling with keeping a good resolution and size of the image after post processing. I edit some in lightroom, pop it over to photoshop then get rid of anything I don't want and fix colors or any other issues. Save it back in Lightroom where I export the images together. Then I open my saved image and its grainy, pixelated, and like 1mb. ? I shoot in RAW so this baffels me. I only crop once in lightroom right before exporting. Here is the edited image. Is it the backlighting itself causing this or something I'm doing in post processing. If I shoot a backlight image that I am able to edit only in lightroom (which is very rare) The Image is way better, more pixels and a better size for my clients. Please Help. Thank you. 


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