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Upload color issues

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This one really has me stumped. Let me start by saying that I have followed all your tutorials and all my color settings are correct. My images look great in Photoshop. They match my prints. They upload perfectly to Facebook, Dropbox, email, pixie-set, etc. However, when I go to upload them to onlinepictureproof.com which is who I use for my website and proof gallery, they turn red. The developers there have said it is my computer. I tested their theory and transferred my gallery to a USB drive and used my husbands work computer to upload the images. They look a lot less red with the other computer. It is ONLY my computer that turns them red and ONLY to online picture proof.  Any idea on what could be happening? I'll attach the original photo, my color settings, and also a screenshot of the color difference that I am seeing. I have uploaded the images both with google chrome and firefox and still have the color problems.



DSC_7781 web.jpg

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www.ashleynoblephotography.com, click proofing, click babies, click Color Test OPP (password is test)  and the red ones are in there. The correctly colored ones are in the Willmert gallery and the password is willmert2017

I'm sorry its a pain to get into them, I can't direct link to the gallery.

Online Picture proof had me go into my color management setting on my computer and factory reset my monitor profile because they said it was embedded incorrectly. So now the photos do upload correctly but I have not recalibrated with my color munki yet. (Although my prints on hand are still matching) Hopefully when I go to re-calibrate and then upload photos again, I don't run into this same problem.

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8 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

By what basis are you making that judgement?  The only correct basis is pro lab prints against Photoshop.

Yes, that's what I'm comparing it too. I ran it twice and both times my screen is more red than my prints. 

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My monitor is old. 2010 ish. You helped me troubleshoot it years ago when I was taking your raw class because my prints could never match my calibrated screen so you walked me though how to manually go in and change the RGB values on the monitor. (which you said was rare and not really recommended....but it was the only way they matched) My brightness has never been able to go low enough either.  My colormunki was bought in 2012.  What I don't understand though is why my images look SO red in the proofing gallery when its never happened before, and I calibrate every 4 weeks.

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