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Getting colors right for client

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You can tell me to bugger off if this is to much of a photography question vs. editing.

I was wondering if I took a photo of a product for a client and had a gray card

or color checker in the photo that I sent to the client if they could then also use

the gray card to get the correct color on their computer. 

Or say if I had a product loaded on to an online store website with the gray card

still in the photo if a client could then do a screen shot or download the photo

off of the web page, load it into their editing program and be able to better see

what the color might actually be on their end.

Hope that makes sense. 



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Thanks! I find it quicker and easier to read with shorter length sentences.

Although the punctuation is total crap!


So in a perfectly calibrated world this could possibly be helpful when

working with off site clients?

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OK, OK....

In our imperfectly calibrated world.....

a tad helpful?


Will I get a better answer if I reply in haiku?


If client is mad

Color not same as picture

Use a damn gray card


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I am updating an online store for newborn baby props.

Specifically some stretchy scarf wraps. There are a lot of colors, 30+.

I get questions from customers about what the colors "really" look like.

Some colors are also very similar to one another. If plausible I thought it

would be cool to have them be able to check them on their own computers.

Maybe it's not such a good idea since I wouldn't know if they had calibrated

monitors and it could  cause even more issues. With that being said, I was still

wondering if it could be an option. 

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