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Stupid Photographer Fix


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Hey D, I need your help please! I searched and couldn't find anything on this topic so I hope I'm not asking you to repeat something you've answered before...

I did a real estate shoot today and used a lens I have pretty much retired. I didn't realise the UV filter I used at my last family session on the beach was still attached to the lens and it had salt spray all over it. 80% of the photos are a mess, with massive window bloom/light pollution all around the windows. Some are fixable with a bit of dodging & burning or gamma correction but others are doing my head in. Please could you help me figure out how to fix this?

Thank you! 

edt IMG_7881.jpg

edt IMG_7888.jpg

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Thanks D. I ended up biting the bullet and asking for a reshoot. I tried D&B and gamma correction and neither fix it well enough for my liking. I showed the agent (my friend, thankfully) and told him I had a "lens failure" and recommended a reshoot. He says the house looks "haunted", lol. 

So now to organise a reshoot. Ugh. 

Thanks for checking it out for me! :)

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