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Backdrop/blanket blend


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I really need your advice please. Photography is just a hobby, I was meaning to calibrate and buy your next course, from memory it was the Raw one? I did the levels one prior. However, we needed to spend 20k doing IVF to get our wee miracle in this image so for the moment I cant afford to spend money on calibrating & prints etc to do the course.
About my image, to my untrained eye, I thought the background looked good, I liked the gradient on it too. I had this image printed onto thank you cards, (crap quality prints) (scanned and attached for reference.. my scanner makes the print look worse than it is) but as you can see the print shows my flaws in editing, the backdrop isn't so smooth in tones, and in good light I can even see some faint pink lines on the bottom left (which now if I look closely I can see them on my PSD too).  I love this image, and I really want to get it right so that I can get it printed and framed (don't kill me, but to save money I would love to edit the image with out being calibrated and doing your course for now (it is on my wish list, i know its all for good reason that you make us be calibrated to do your Raw course but it still sucks :P), i'm confident that I would be happy with a new print when done somewhere of better quality & once my edit is fixed) please don't kill me, I love my baby to much! haha. The other option thats crossed my mind is paying you or someone to fix it for me, however, I would much rather it be all my own work from start to finish :) Thanks a lot  ps (basically the 'PSD' as a thumb nail shows the bad backdrop/painting ive done, where as I cant see it when Im working on the image at a larger scale)
p.s.s I should add, that I did try following your blanket tutorial, but I just couldnt get it right. It didnt help I dont think that I was exhausted from having a newborn and lost all my braincells.




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Brain cells are mush.
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Does it not show my paragraph? Basically to my untrained eye, I thought the background of my PSD looked good , I liked the gradient on it too, but after printing it shows that its not that seamless, and also to the bottom left I can see pink colour bands if I look closley enough, (these show up more so in print too)

So, how do I get a better background please, smoother colours?

1st image is original, 2nd 'PSD', 3rd, a scan of a crappy print.

(Sorry for the late reply, I never received my notification for your reply)

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You're a wiz, but you already know that :D I bet you did that with your eyes closed too HAHA.

Thanks for your time and the PSD example, I really appreciate it. Lets see how I go! 


.... 9_9 oh how I wish I were a wiz too. The things I could do! 

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