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Hi Damien, 

I took your RAW and levels classes years ago when I did family photography. I had to give up photography for a while, and am now back at it, but have transitioned to landscapes, which have always been an area of supreme difficulty for me. I remember the gist of the classes pretty well, but have been finding landscape photography to be an entirely different beast with completely different challenges, the biggest of which for me so far is haloing. 

As you can see, the haloing in this image is atrocious. I have tried to fix it for HOURS. I have made my mask selections incredibly carefully, but no matter what I do it persists. Any suggestions? 

Also, is this photo enough of a disaster that you recommend taking the classes over again? I've been considering it for a few months now. 

Thanks for your help, 
- Carly 


25 web - edit 2.jpg

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Nope, no sharpening. 
Just sent the RAW file. I apologize in advance if the RAW processing is horrendous. 

To clarify - Just realized that the uploaded file to this post is the JPEG image, which does have some sharpening. The TIF image has no sharpening, and no sharpening was performed until all other editing was done. 

Edited by carlywarly
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