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Puppet Warp


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Hi damien - is it possible to use puppet warp / liquify to bring the babies head and bum upwards to a more curved position like the photo below from kelly brown? i tried to use puppet warp but the baby ended up looking disfigured!

9Q8A8989 - puppet warp.jpg


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oh i know that - i don't think she used it but i have seen before and after of other photographers who have used it and Kelly's pictures are always perfect so i wanted to show that as an example of what i was trying to achieve if possible - i know i should have achieved the look on the day but obviously the baby had other ideas so was just wondering if i could make the baby "curvier" without it looking too fake (sorry for the long post)

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Ok, I started by duplicating the file, so I could have two copies open side by side on screen.  This was necessary so I could be constantly referring to the original while messing about, so as to keep the child's proportions roughly correct.

Then, on the working one, I duplicated the Background layer, and Edit>Transform>Warp.  And bowed it down as shown:


Once happy with that I went into Liquify, to mess around a bit more, to curve the back a little more, and make the head not so pointy, and so on:


Then I copied the head from the original layer, brought it above, and masked it in:


After your less-than-enthusiastic response, I re-visited that layer and rotated the head a lot more.

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