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File format for large poster print (text, image and simple graphic elements)

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I'm printing posters at 3'x4' in size (36"x48").

I created them in Photoshop.

I created them in RGB but lab wants CMYK. When I convert it will flatten (in case that's relevant info?).

My question is: what file format am I best to export as to submit for print? Are there any issues around text I need to worry about?


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Gosh, actually, no. I've prepped these posters for a charity event and they are waffling on what printer to use at the very last minute ($ issues - but we need these foamcore mounted and in hand by next Friday) and they asked me not to contact them until finalized. All I know is CMYK. Attached is screenshot of a poster. I didn't create any elements full bleed. I designed to 300dpi - and the images are already being scaled up.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 20.25.32.png

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4 minutes ago, funlovephotography said:

All I know is CMYK.

I cannot stress strongly enough the danger that lurks here.  You need to find out exactly which CMYK they need.  It will be the difference between lovely posters, and shit you wouldn't line a wardrobe with.

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