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About Lisa Visser's Editing Style again

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Hello Damien,

About a year ago, another member posted a question  about Lisa Visser's editing style. See link: 

Though you replied, I can't see your explanations as to how you performed your edit. Would you happen to still have the information? I'd be very grateful to see it.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.




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Oh! I understand now. Yes, I see how you edited the image in the layer's section. Thanks for that! :)

So basically, you enhanced definition on the eyes, desaturated (except for face details) and used the channel mixer to adjust how the greens appear, right? Do you happen to know what the equivalent of the channel mixer would be using Lightroom? I'm trying to create a preset in Lightroom that gets me close to this style of image, before having to go into PS to for fine tuning. 

Thanks again!

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