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Trying to Add Motion


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Hello, it's been a loong time since I posted, so I won't be surprised if I get flogged for the processing I've done.  I need help adding a golf ball and motion trail to this.  The motion blur that I'm trying is just not cutting it.  How would you like me to post?  I have a picture of a golf ball that I took that I'm trying to add.  Do you want them separately or do you want to see my pitiful attempt?  TIA!



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What do you think COULD make this work?  My earlier horizontal attempt I think felt a bit more realistic.  If I abandon the motion idea and just go with a ball near the lens, would the placement you have work best?  Or will this always look like somebody literally just put a ball there in photoshop?  I don't necessarily mind if it's obvious it's been photoshopped, but I don't want people to scoff, either.

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