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Night time edit

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Hi Damien,

  I have a photo that I would like to turn into night time.  I don't have a specific style I want to match exactly but more the idea of making it look night time.  Or maybe you can give me CC on what I have done so far?  I have taken most of your classes and use to follow you on FB closely.  I haven't used this forum too often so I hope this is okay to ask instead of doing a copy cat photo.


Attached is what I have so far and my original edit.  I want to keep the noise that is present. For more of that night time affect. Don't worry, the noise level is tolerable, not terrible. :)


first attempt.jpg

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Yes I did see the link you provided with the girl in the alley.  I tried the edits on my photo, didn't really do what I wanted.  

LOL- I wasn't sure about the star burst things, I went out on a limb there. lol

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