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L&M or brush problem during head-swap

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Hi Damien, can you please help me figuring out what I am doing wrong? I took your Layer & Mask class 2 years ago and do head swaps all the time but sometimes *mysteriously* my brush do not work properly and while I try to paint back and forth I can see the shadow of the original image in the background. It's faint but it's there! This is the workflow I follow: raw processing for both images in ACR > Open both in PS > copy and past a portion of image no. 1 unto image no. 2. > covert layer to Smart Object > then add Mask > then paint with both white and black brush to compose the image. The brush is a soft brush, 0% hardness and is set at 100% opacity and flow. Here is an example at 100% crop. Please help me before I lose my mind! Thank you, Ella

Brush error.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.24.17 PM.png

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