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Banding caused by post processing (my fault), can't start over


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I so stupidly edited an image in Lightroom using a radial filter (yes, I know, I'm an idiot for using LR!)

The image looked beautiful on the screen.  Sent it off to print an 8x10 at Bay Photo, and I received it back and there is banding where I used the radial filter to lighten the background while keeping the subject the same exposure.  I know 100 things I would do different next time (mostly, uninstalling Lightroom), so my question is, is there anyway to fix this without starting the entire editing process over?  Since this image is part of a set and the rest are already printed, I would hate to start over and make guesses about what edits I did to them and have it look slightly different than the rest when printed.

FYI, I did the same thing to the other images, but the banding isn't showing up much on them since this is the only print that was ordered at 8x10.  



Marilyn_Easter_1 8x108x10 add white.jpg

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Also, the bands appear more prominently in this image in Chrome and file explorer than they do in LR/PS... does this mean I have a color space issue?  I made sure throughout the process everything was saved or converted to SRGB and the images printed perfect and matched exactly with my monitor. 

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Yes, that's where the banding is.  I guess I was just confused about how replace whole the background without interfering with the shadows.  I'll figure it out when I dive into your tutorial head first tomorrow.  Thank you so much for the help! 

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