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Ok so I just got a new HP Omen computer and right when i started editing i could tell the calibration was off. When i look at the picture on my computer it looks good but when i look at it on any other computer of device it looks to bright and just off.  My friend has the spyder5 and i used it but my colors were still off. Now I figured there has to be someone i can take it to, to help me. I called our local camera store and I am even more discouraged then when I started. He told me if i used the spyder then my calibration is correct and only people who have calibration computer will see my images the way they should look. But this doesn't help me at all when posting my work to my pages. On my old computer my pictures looked great on screen, printing and on all devices. Can you please help me? I am at a loss of what to do.

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