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Image sharp in PS partially blurry online

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I am building a website and creating an image of text for my about page. In PS, everything is very clean and crisp.  I save as a png because I want a transparent background.  When I place it on the website, the middle area (vertically) seems somewhat blurry, although the sides are still crisp.  Any ideas on what is causing this and what I can do about it?56f469344cfde_ScreenShot2016-03-24at8.3456f4696c03f6c_ScreenShot2016-03-24at4.25

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I'm out of town on the road so I can't check, but I know it is 1201px wide and (I think) 1200 px tall. Do you think that one extra pixel on the width could be the problem?  The blog is 1200px wide. 

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