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Hi D.  I need some help with a reflection if you could.  If this would be better in a class we can move it to there.  Is there an easy way (hahahahaha, yeah I know better) to remove this glare.  First shot is the 100% crop. The other picture is pulled back slightly for a better reference.  I can't share the entire image as it's for a commercial job.


Thanks bud :)


reflection, more.jpg

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You mean that artistically and strategically placed noise?  Crap, busted, lol.  Alright.  Posted new 100% crop.  I took your advice for rebuilding and used another image taken at a different angle and warped it into perspective.  I probably went about it all wrong but the results worked.  I'll let you do your thing for teaching purposes if you want.  I can even supply a small crop of the image I warped in if you'd rather go that route :)

Noiseless reflection.jpg

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