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How large should my file be?

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Hi Damien!

I am attempting to print through Minted. I have never printed with them but I have a credit to use soon so I'm taking the plunge. I am trying to upload a 4791x3194 file for a 40x30 print. I have read your articles on printing large and feel this is fine. But the website is telling me that it will not print well. They want me to upload a file at least 6764x4500 for it. From what I've read though (from you mostly), is that my file shouldn't be a problem! And if I upsize it to get rid of the warning on the website, that would be bad, right? I'm attaching a screenshot of the error from the website. I would appreciate advice on how to proceed. Thanks!

Capturemint size.JPG

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Hi cooleybabe, you have the honour of the first ever post on the new forum!

Yes, 4791x3194 is easily big enough to print at 40x30, or even larger, as long as the focus is good.

But you must still upsize and sharpen.  You can't just send that file to the lab and expect it to turn out great.  You have to crop to the exact size and resolution required, then sharpen appropriately.

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Fantastic. I did notice one place you said to do sample prints first, so I think I'll go with that with my regular printer for now (to check color, I've had issues with one of the colors in the image and printing before) and then print the large one with Minted when I feel the file is ready. Thank you!

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