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Windows 10 not loading calibration profiles

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Hello all,

So I recently "upgraded" to Windows 10 on my primary editing computer. At first Win10 couldn't load my existing calibration profiles. I resolved it by reloading the software from DataColor and the drivers for my video card. I recalibrated and everything was fine.

Now today when I turn on the machine I get a notice that again the profiles were not loaded. So I tried to use Damien's tutorial for the DisplayProfile application, as it's been quite helpful on my laptop. I run into a problem though when it comes time to save the TOGGLE.icc to C:WindowsSystem32spooldriverscolor in that it doesn't exist on this computer... What shall I try next?

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I get Windows>System32 but nothing titled Spool. But when I booted this morning and opened DisplayProfile the TOGGLE profile was there anyhow. I guess saving it to the downloads file worked. So I clicked on TOGGLE and the profile obviously changed. But when I then click on my calibration profiles (I have two monitors) it doesn't change back...it stays green. I can click on any other profile in the window and it will change, but not my actual calibrations. I'm going to try re-calibration again right now

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