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ACR in Photoshop CC

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Yes it does.  As soon as you double-click a raw file (either in its folder on your hard drive, or in Bridge) it opens in ACR.  Exactly the same as you're used to.

Remember, the very first time you open a raw file in ACR in Photoshop, the default colour space will be Adobe RGB.  You have to immediately click on the link at the bottom of the ACR window to fix this.

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Ok...this is probably not the correct way to do this... But in Elements 13; having that open already, I would go to the OPEN button on the top left & choose several RAW files from a particular session to work on during 1 time of editing, so that I could compare them to make sure they had the same look, etc. Can I open several at once & how do I do that?

Sorry...a bit nervous trying CC. I know Elements works for me now, I would just like the expanded capabilities that full Photoshop offers.

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