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Question about skin by numbers

Lisa Manchester

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Hi Damien!

I just read over your information concerning cmyk numbers for skin and wanted to make sure I was understanding that I should not be overly concerned about the cyan number being 1/3 of Yellow, but to make sure that yellow is 3-5% higher than magenta.  For example, I have an image that I just checked and the numbers in the midtones are:


The image looks good to me, but before I ignore the cyan being kind of "low" and run with this, I wanted to ask just to be sure.  Thanks!

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Sorry.  I originally didn't post the image because I wasn't really needing help with the image.  Just needed reassurance that the cyan number isn't as important as I once thought it was.  Yes, the article you posted is the one I read.  Thanks!  Here is the image.


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