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Colors in PS don't match web.

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Hi! I have a problem that has recently started and I am really stumped. My photos look dull and washed out when uploaded online. I have tried switching my color space to sRGB in every possible way I know how and nothing seems to help. I am uploading screenshots from PS and ACR where you can clearly see my working space is sRGB, but in the first screenshot you can see how dull the image looks online compared to in PS. Any ideas?? 

Screenshot (31).png

Screenshot (32).png

Screenshot (33).png

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When you say online, is it everywhere?  In particular, how do they look on Facebook?

When you're saving for web, have you double-checked that you're embedding the profile?


I can see that you're using Chrome, which is part of the problem for sure.  Firefox is the only browser to use.

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They definitely looks terrible on Facebook also.  I will download Firefox now. 

How do I get to that window to make sure I am embedding the profile?

Thank you for your help on this!! I have been pulling my hair out!!

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Yep, great.  I can see the box is checked, so that's good.

Let me know how Firefox goes.

I can see in your profile that you use a laptop, and calibrate with an X-Rite.  Do you only use the laptop screen, or do you also have a desktop screen plugged into it?

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Maybe my eye is getting better then! ;) I have been noticing i the last few months but couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong.


I do feel like my prints match pretty well when it comes to color. Sometimes they can be a little dark.

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