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Ginger Wick

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Hi Damien-

I took a bunch of photos in front of this black backdrop this weekend.  In some cases the backdrop is not big enough, and in others I just want to clean it up a bit and remove the lights/tape.  I had planned to use the same technique that I did with my basketball girl, but I'm finding that dropping it to solid black doesn't work possibly because of the floor?  It just looks fake.  On this one, I lightened the solid black layer, so it's not true black, but it's still wrong.  Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about fixing the backdrop so it looks realistic?  Bonus points if it's quick and easy, because I have a bunch to wade through!



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I think it looks like I just dropped out the background, and replaced it with black.  (Which is what I did.)  Kind of like they are stuck in there.  It doesn't look like a real backdrop.  I've attached the jpg of it.


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I gave the link a very quick read through - thanks.  Before I get too deep into fixing the images I took in front of the backdrop, I had an idea and wonder if it would work to more easily fix multiple photos...  Could I take a new image of the backdrop (without people) and make my gradient adjustments to it, and then use THAT cleaned up image as a background replacement image for all of the other images I took with people?  Or, does the gradient work need to be performed on each image individually because the light/angle would shift slightly between each snap?  These images don't need to be perfect, so I'm hoping my background replacement idea will be "good enough".


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