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Calibration darkness

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I have 4 prints.

I am using LR and PS to view them and they both look the same. I am using the CC version of both. Yes. My room that I edit in, during the day is very bright. I recalibrated with luminance at 80 and it is still markedly darker. I sent this off to Millerpro for test prints because my album for a client came back really dark.




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Yes. They put the text there. They are all dark backgrounds. They were the only ones we were having trouble with so that is why I submitted those for testing. Should I submit other types to see?

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Oh yes, the albums will be different.  But ignore that for now.  All that matters is to establish your calibration perfectly against prints.  Once you have a perfect print match, that's your part of the job done.  Then, if they print an album badly, you have a platform from which to argue for a free reprint.  Do you understand what I mean?  Once you can say "My screen is calibrated with an X-Rite device and is a perfect match for your prints", then you can also say "So you f&*ked up my album, print it again."

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