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I pretty much know what your answer is gonna be on these. But i am a bit desperate. These are pictures of friends, I do not own a business but I do pictures for them once a year when they ask. I rented a lens from a local camera shop which I have done in the past but it wasnt the one I normally rent because it wasnt available. (normally I rent the nikon version 24-7-- this was the tameron). Though I am pretty sure this was operator error and not lens error. But most of the pictures just don't have good focus. Seems like camera shake? Which is surprising because I kept my shutter speed relatively high, which meant I had to have my ISO high/lots of grain). In this one I know the little guy in the front is worse because I needed a narrower apreture. Is there any hope of saving this? I feel awful right now.





Screenshot settings.jpg

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?Tears of joy, I was feeling so freaking shitty. They are such close friends and I really felt like I had let them down. I'm always so nervous to take pictures for other people anyways. The weather got cold and miserable and now the leaves are gone. :-( and then their youngest was just not having it this go round and the rest from this spot are far worse than this one. I have one other spot/set and they are sitting and he just was so over pictures and myself/camera. But they are much much sharper, just have an angry/trying to wriggle free two year old. 

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