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baby No 2's


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Do you have a method or suggestion that would get rid of the baby poo? Can I do a colour change or something? Also her eye is slightly open - would I just play with liquify to fix this?

(I have only done levels so far, need to do skin next, but thought I would ask here first.)



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For the eye, yes, you could Liquify it, but I think this is easier - using a little bit of the other eye:


First, copied the other eye onto its own layer.  I converted the new layer to a smart object (vital!) then flipped it and moved it across, then rotated it.  I lowered the opacity while doing this, so I could be sure it lined up exactly.


Then simply added a mask and masked it on:


It's important to note that I didn't use the whole eye - only the necessary section.  Hopefully you can see on this view:


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