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I’m not familiar with moire other than what I have read a little here and there in your forums.  In every picture with this jacket there is a purplish color combined with what I assume is moire (crazy pattern).   Is the purple coloring part of moire or a separate issue? And how do I get rid of it? Thanks!



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I’m not sure if you mean a crop where the pattern doesn’t disappear or where the color doesn’t disappear.  In the 2 images he wants me to edit, the weird pattern disappears when I zoom, but the color doesn’t disappear.  If that makes sense. 

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Yeah, the pattern was my concern.  As long as the pattern disappears, we're rosy.

For the colour, just add a new blank layer, then use the eyedropper tool to sample a bit of good colour, then add a Solid Color layer of that colour (the blank layer will turn into the SolCol layer automatically) and set its blend mode to "Color", then mask it on.

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