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Changing backgrounds


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Hi Damien,

I am sure you answered this question many times already, but I can't find a thread. So if you already have a link, pls just paste it. Basically, due to the cold weather I had to take a picture indoor, but my client wants an outdoor back ground. I know you have a method that avoids using selection, tools, smart radius etc. Basically, she wants the toddler on the bridge or in a natural setting in general, which means I need to shrink her too.

Thank you so much.

Here are the pictures.



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So, I went through the trouble shooting you sent me and...shocker! You were right. The color space was RGB. I still don't know why... Anyway, I always shoot in raw and then start editing in Bridge. I have Photoshop CS6 and i don't see ACR on the drop-down menu. So, how do I fix the problem in Bridge?

I will enroll in your courses after Christmas. That's going to be my Xmas present to myself!


Thank you Damien!

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