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I shoot primarily with a Canon 5d Mark IV.  Recently I've been having issues with focus.  I noticed it when using my 135 and 35.  I'd have to take multiple issues to make sure one was in focus.  I recently purchased a 50 1.2 and the focus was horrible.  I mentioned this on another board and someone told me that any 50 1.2 they've had has had to be sent into Canon and had to be calibrated with the body. With all of that in mind I sent my body and 50 1.2 into Canon for cleaning, inspection, and to have the 50 calibrated to the body.  They sent me back an estimate for close to $400. $175 for the lens and $215 for the body. 

Not understanding the charges in full I sent them this question: " Am I paying one charge to have you calibrate the lens to the body and another to calibrate the body to the lens? Nearly $400 for one calibration just seems a bit excessive to me."

Their response: "From the service information it seems you requested to have the lens calibrated to your camera (which is also having focus issues with other lenses). In this situation there are two units involved in the calibration, in addition to the focus issue of the camera, so there is a fee for each unit. "

Me: "Thank you for the clarification.  Before proceeding with the repair can you tell me what is causing the focus issues in the body so that I know exactly what is being repaired? "

Canon: "Until a repair is completed we do not know what was causing an issue and what done to fix it. The estimate is based off of the description included with the camera of a focus issue when multiple lenses. Once the repair is complete there will be a description of the work performed included on the email notification. "

Does this sound normal?  It seems that they should tell you what they're repairing before they charge you.  My concern with this is that the body and lens are both still under warranty.  So I'm paying them $400 for a repair that may be under warranty?

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It sounds like you are dealing with a customer service rep that's looking at repair notes. This doesn't sound right to me, did you provide a proof-of-purchase (copy of receipt) with the repair? I'm thinking this call was logged in as a calibration ticket and not a repair ticket. 

I'd contact them again and clarify. State your body is still under warranty and has had focus issues since day one. Question on you should have to pay for the repairs for a defective product. 

I'd also would have left your 50 1.2 lens alone until your body is 100%. The reason is that you will have to undo the calibration again when using it on another body. 

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