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colour space changed during last PS/Bridge update

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My colour space was always SRGB until I updated PS/Bridge very recently; now it is Adobe RGB.  My images are imported into Adobe Bridge and then after adjusting exposure, white, blacks, etc and doing noise reduction I open into PS.

I've read your information about colour space and "the wide gamut myth".  I cannot find the link indicated here. 

  • "If you use Photoshop/Bridge, make sure you click on the blue link at the bottom of the Adobe Camera Raw screen to set sRGB as your colour space"

Are you referring to the Adobe Bridge screen?  

I can't find anywhere in Bridge where I can change the colour space.


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1 minute ago, A127 said:

Thank you to Judy for spotting this.  The PS update I recently did had also changed it in ACR to Adobe RGB.  Not sure I would have spotted that without this post.  Thanks!

I posted about this repeatedly in Facebook Ask Damien and on my Facebook biz page.  Please make sure you follow those pages.

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