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Actions not working

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I have asked a few people with no help but I have been directed to you as the King of all things PS...no pressure ?  I am up to my ears in editing and my actions I have created for my workflow have suddenly stopped working. I edit on a mac version 10.13.1. I have removed and reloaded, I work in CS6 and even tried in CC. I have deleted the settings file in PS by command, option, shift and restarting PS. Im getting a repeated... command “ ” is not currently available. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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HAHA. The website hasn't been updated in at least two years if not longer. Judge my work on my facebook or instagram.....but in my defense I have put everything on hold taking care of my mom who is learning life over as a double amputee on dialysis...with some other issues. So my website hasn't made the priority list yet?

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