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Calibrating with Miller's Prints

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I have calibrated my 2016 imac Retina 5K aprox 6 times and I feel like I'm NEVER going to get my screen as dark and orange as these prints and I wouldn't want to! What I edit on this Mac looks pretty good on my ipad and phone, so I don't really want to make huge changes like what would be required to match this print. Is it really my screen or is it the lab? I'm submitting some test prints to other labs...


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I close the curtains because the window is directly behind the computer screen (maybe that's bad?) The print DOES look much better next to the window in the other room, and closer to the monitor color if I open the blinds...I try not to use lightbulbs at all because I read that article a year or two ago and it sounded like a headache to research lightbulbs. O.o

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