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Print Lab confusion RGB or sRGB?

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Hi Damien,
This is what is on my print labs website. I've read it over and over and can't make sense of it. Can you give me the short answer please...RGB or sRGB? 

It is important to note that different labs have different preferences for setting up customer’s systems for preparing files for submission to the lab for  printing. Sending us your files is simple and easy. If you haven’t used us before or even if you just want to make sure you are following best practices take a look at this quick list:

1, Size your files to the size you want them printed at 300 DPI. We work in inches however there are a couple of metric sizes (eg. A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0)

2, Files must be a RGB, Baseline standard JPEG. (Baseline standard is an option you can choose when saving your jpeg – this is important!)

3, Ensure the correct profile is embedded. (See FAQs for more on Colour Profiles)

4, Our sophisticated processing software is set up to accept files embedded with sRGB and Adobe 1998. We will then convert profiles for you depending on what output (printer) they are going to. This is the lab’s job not yours – do not let anyone tell you different!

5, File name can be 8 characters for Mac or up to 20 characters for PC no more. Please do not use spaces, dots, dashes or slashes etc these will not be accepted.

Sending them to the lab

We encourage you to use the SOOS (get it here). It is an extremely powerful piece of software that is quickly and easily downloaded. We will still accept files via FTP, USB, CD, DVD and camera card Media accepted, however, files supplied this way are priced on a different (more expensive) rate. You will also need to supply them as follows:

1, Files must be in the same aspect ratio as the size you wish theto be printed in. Eg 8x12s are 2:3, 8x10s are 4:5.

2, Files must be in separate folders /directories labelled with print size. eg 20×32, 24×30, 30×40, 30×60 etc (no spaces please.

3, If multiple copies of an image file are required, then place it in a folder called “multi-16x20x3”, “multi-20x32x2” etc.

4, Minimum order is $30

If you have issues with online orders for any reason please call us at the lab we do have workarounds.


What else you need to know:

We use sRGB as the default working space. (This means that if you do not embed a working profile when you save your image, we will treat it a sRGB.) However, our system allows you to use other colour spaces eg Adobe RGB 1998 as long as you save the image with the profile embedded.

You should be ensuring your colour profile is embedded and consistent throughout your workflow. If you are shooting in Jpeg, your camera will most likely embed the working profile at this point, you should check this however. If you shoot in RAW you should make sure your editing suite embeds the correct profile when converting to jpeg or tif. From here out make sure all working spaces in your various editing programs are consistent.

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