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Disclosure ~ this question may become long, but I want to make sure I explain everything, in hopes to get the best solution ~ Thank you in advance!!

I just upgraded my system.  I have a MacBook Pro for all my day to day and a Dell as my second monitor for editing.  I can open anything on both screens, but the brains are coming from the MacBook. I have calibrated both screens and will do again once I get my issue resolved.

I can open Adobe Bridge as per usual and open images into Photoshop on my laptop, edit as I usually would and save a psd and jpeg file no problem!  Everything looks crisp and clean, just as I want it to.  I can also drag Bridge and Photoshop onto my second monitor and everything still looks the same.  Here is where I am baffled...

When I take the exact same file(s) and do nothing more to it but save it in the same file, while the programs are on my second monitor, they save softer and somewhat blurry.  This happens with both the psd and jpeg files.  They stay soft and blurry when I move the programs back to my laptop.  I have to re-save in Photoshop on my laptop to have the image go back to the crisp, clear image I want.

I am hoping I am over thinking this and it is something easy I have over looked.  I hope the fix is out there!
Thank you so much for your help

**Someone suggested "It sounds like OpenGL redraw is hanging. It's suspended while dragging, but should normally kick in as you cross the mid-line and drop the file (not before). OpenGL should smooth out jagged lines and edges, but some people think it's a bit much, probably a matter of taste." Can this be fixed, if this is indeed what the issue is?

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Sorry about the file sizes ~ I didn't think about that.  My apologies.  Yes, I had noticed that when in Photoshop they were not blurry, it was only Bridge that they seemed that way.  Because of my overthinking, I was not ok with leaving things the way they were and hope for the best when sending to clients.  
Thank you so much for your help!!  It has worked and was exactly what I was looking for.  I knew it was going to be a simple fix that I was missing/could not find.  
You are awesome!!!  You have saved me a ton of trouble!!  I appreciate your expertise and knowledge you share!!!

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