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Dropped Profile?

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I have 2 LR/PS edited images that I sent to the my printer that came back off... the rest of the batch is fine.  I had done some extra editing after the client's first output.  When I place the images in ROES software they look just as they were printed- desaturated and off- some one on the PS LR Facebook group page mentioned this site being helpful and that it may be a dropped profile.  Is there anyway to go "back" I've done a decent amount of editing- plus I'd like to not make the same mistake in the future.  Thanks so much!  Elizabeth

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Hey Damien, I realized I had mistakenly set up my LR to output SRGB once in photoshop!  I was able to read it into LR again and export in the current color space saving my edits.  Thanks so much for your help - just in case someone else has the same question!



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