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Remove colour under veil.

Hama Photography

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The bridal party were standing on the blue carpet you can see behind them.  It ended just in front of them with a ragged edge and it was also slightly turned up.  Not attractive.  I have cloned out all of it but cant for the life of me get rid of the blue beneath her train.  Any help would be appreciated.


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These layers will go under your pixel layers, immediately above the Background layer.

First, a Channel Mixer layer, with "Monochrome" checked, at 0, 0, +100, 0.  This will make the whole carpet and bricks and dress grey.  You can include bricks and dress in your selection.

Then, clip a Levels layer to the Channel Mixer layer:

  • R 0, 1.00, 255 and 185, 230
  • G 0, 1.00, 255 and 55/245
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